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The Scriptures of Won-Buddhism
SKU : WCD-001
Audio CD / Recorded narration / Run Time: 15 Hours 4 Minutes

Product Details :

Director: Y.D. Choi  (Assist by Lon Fradric Palitz)

Publisher:  Won-Buddhist Temple of Philadelphia

File System:  CDfs

Number of discs:  15

Language:  English

CD Release Date:  2012

Run Time:  15 Hours 4 Minutes

Type: Audio CD



The Won-Buddhism essential scripture, comprises two parts.

Part One, "The Principal Book of Won-Buddhism", was written by the Founding Master Sotaesan.

Part Two, "The Scripture of the Founding Master", Sotaesan's teachings and lessons throughout his life, was written by his disciples after his passing.

This audio project, making the scriptures available in voice recording audio format, achieves multiple beneficial accomplishments:

1. Reflects the visions of Founding Master Sotaesan so that many people can utilize it to enrich their everyday lives.

2. Helps practitioners fulfill their commitment to knowing the meaning of truth, life and their true purpose; provides access to dharma wisdom for spiritual growth.

3. Provides to many people a more effortless and continual way to learn the scriptures: practitioners may now incorporate listening to dharma anytime during the day, in their daily practice, while either in motion or at rest.

4. Improves foreign language comprehension and speaking ability of non-native speakers by listening to native English speakers.

* These audio recordings were humbly created by the Philadelphia members of Won Buddhist Temple with their deep compassion and dedication.

* Source for recordings: "The Scriptures of Won-Buddhism", 1st edition, 2006. Won-Buddhism Headquarters, publisher.



The Scriptures of Won-Buddhism

Ⅰ. The Principal Book of Won-Buddhism

Part 1 : General Introduction

Part 2 : Doctrine

Part 3 : Practice

Ⅱ. The Scripture of the Founding Master (547 verses in 15 chapters)

Includes - Preface to the new English edition,

- 10 chants and prayer of The Won Buddhist Philadelphia Temple Chanting Book

- 2 music selections ‡


* Contents Download:  Contents of Audio CDs for The Scriptures of Won Buddhism / PDF File 1.22MB    Download