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Warm Heart Supple Body (Book & DVD)
SKU : WDVD-001
Created & demonstrated by Rev. Seung H. Song / English Edition / Pages: 20 / Paperback & DVD

Details :

Author:  Seung H. Song (Created & Demonstrated)

Paperback: 20 pages / 1 DVD

Publisher:  Won Publication

ISBN-10:   1457841754

ISBN-13:   978-1457841750

Language:  English

Publication Date:  12/13/2012

Book Dimensions:  8.5(W) X 11(H) X 0.1(D) inches

Description :

Warm Heart, Supple Body Practice as one of moving meditation programs is an excellent and easy way to settle the body and the mind prior to seated meditation. It concludes with a wonderful method for invigorating and re-energizing the body after seated meditation. It can be performed from a seated position which makes it useful for a large population of people, with warying levels of mobility.

Video Preview  - [Link]


About the Author :

Seung H. Song is a Minister of Won Buddhism, Professor of the Won Institute of Graduate Studies, Master of various kinds of East Asian martial arts, Practiced meditation under Ven. Master Daesan, and produced videos and audio tapes on Moving Meditation.



- Opening practice : opening the gate to deep meditation. ~ for the greatest comfort and effect (Swing low, Sky high - Stretch four ways - Controlled breathing

- Finger to toes and back again - Aum healing sounds)

- Meditation

- Closing practice : Returning to daily life  (Cranial massage - Stretch four ways - Supple legs for life - Limbo and Twist - Cosmic Qi Experience)