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Wooden Drum(Moktak) – Meditation, Chanting
SKU : WGI-002
Meditation, Chanting, and Buddhist apparatus / Size: - Small (3.2”) - Medium (3.58”) - Large (4.17”) / Main Material: Wood

Product Details:

Dimensions: - Small (3.2 inches)

- Medium (3.58 inches)

- Large (4.17 inches)

Main Material: Wood



Buddhism is the most widely used of the various rituals round fish-shaped Buddhist apparatus.

The moktak is a wooden percussion instrument that creates one of the most natural sound.  Moktak refers to the Chinese characters 木鐸(목탁)  of mok(목) which means tree and tak(닥) which means beat.

* Depending on the characters of products, the actual size of the product may differentiate from the appearance on the website.