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Traditional Zen and Il Won Sŏn, 전통선과 일원선, in English and Korean
SKU : WEB-103A
Author: Ven. Zinsan / Pages: 559 / Paperback

Details :

Hardcover:   559 pages

Publisher:    Won Buddhism Publishing (원불교 출판사)

ISBN-10:   8980762347

ISBN-13:   978-8980762347

Publication Date:    7/15/2015

Product Dimensions:    6.3(W) X 9.5(H) X 1.1(D) inches


Description :

If our concept of "self" is that of a unique, permanent entity that remains unchanged from one moment to the next, let us first ask if such a self can even exist. If we identify our self with our body, it becomes evident upon close observation that our body is not the same from moment to moment. The cells, molecules and atoms that comprise our body are in a state of continual flux. Thus, there is no constant physical body, or any material thing, that we can point to and call a permanent self. Our mental processes are equally subject to the impermanence of reality. The mental aggregates-sensation, perception, impulse and consciousness, which are the elements of the "mind," are all in perpetual flux. When one fails to recognize the principles of impermanence and no-self (anatman), one is inviting suffering and distorted perceptions of reality.


About the Author :

Venerable Zinsan, Jung Won Han (진산 한정원 종사)

- Won Buddhist Minister

- Former Professor of Wonkwang University(South Korea) 

- Former Won Institute of Graduate Studies(PA, USA)

- Former Senior Director of Eastern Regional District in America

- Presently resides at the Retired Home for Male Ministers of Won Buddhism

* 원불교 교무, 원광대학교 교학대 교수 역임, 미주선학대 교수 역임, 미주동부교구 교령 역임, 현재 원불교 원로원 주재



Rev. Jung Do Ryu (류정도 교무)

- Won Buddhist Minister

- Graduated from Dept. of English Language and Literature at Dankook University

- Dept. of International Affairs of Administration of Won Buddhism

* 원불교 교무, 단국대학교 영문학과 졸업, 현재 원불교 교정원 국제부 근무

Joel Ostroff (Won Je)

- Lay member of Philadelphia Temple of Won Buddhism

* 원불교 필라델피아교당 교도




Foreword / 서언

Part One: Historical Background and Introduction to Zen / 제 1 편: 선(禪)의 역사적 배경과 소개

Part Two: Won-Buddhism / 제 2 편: 원불교

Part Three: Meditation / 제 3 편: 선(禪)

Part Four: Mind and Mind Practice / 제 4 편: 마음과 마음 공부

Part Five: Original Nature / 제 5 편: 본성(本性)

Part Six: Entering One Circle / 제 6 편: 일원(一圓)에 들기

Afterword/ 후기