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Commentary on the Method of Sitting Meditation in Chungjeon
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Author: Venerable Chwasan / Pages: 138 / Paperback

Details :

Hardcover:  138 pages

Publisher:  Won Buddhist Publishing

Publication Date:  10/25/1997

Product Dimensions:  5.1(W)X 7.3(H)X 0.3(D) inches


Description :

Preface: I have been interested in seated meditation since I began searching for the truth. I have experienced almost all the rights and all the wrongs, sometimes being deep in agony, sometimes tasting an enormous joy and bliss in the course of the way. It was a great and precious blessing that I had my spiritual teachers nearby and had the chance for my practice to be appraised. This led me to the great asset of seated meditation. In order to share this precious asset, I now try to write this commentary on “The Method of Seated Meditation”.

It is a pity that some practitioners of the Way do not understand the value of seated meditation, or do not find its righteous path, and thus wander about.

Meditation is not the cultivation of the outer surroundings or conditions, but is the way to cultivate the mind, which is the base of all things. Once we train and cultivate the mind and find its power, that resulting power becomes an eternal strength which we can use in everyday life through eternity. What could be a greater treasure than this!

Hobbies or other work in which one trains oneself in a particular field can develop capabilities when one trains very hard in that field.

But when training is not accompanied by meditation, there will arise some weak points, which can become the cause of big trouble when one faces trying situations. The strengths one gains in training oneself for specific types of situations cannot be applied widely, for the resulting capabilities are limited to those situations. But the spiritual power that practitioners cultivate based on centering the mind can be applied to all cases and situations, so that when one acquires the precious jewel of spiritual power one acquires great fortune.

Practitioners will gain many benefits from seated meditation, as is explained in The Principal Book of Won-Buddhism. But once practitioners transcend the mind‐disturbing wandering thoughts, they can obtain a great liberation of mind, and once their concentration dwells at the elixir field (tanjŏn, Danjeon), a great power of stability will be cultivated. They can become so powerful and talented in whatever they try to do, that this merit alone would be a great achievement.

Even if one does not walk on the great and supreme way of meditation, the constant and sincere practice of seated meditation will produce an increase in determination, perseverance, endurance, and more.

If one walks on the righteous path of seated meditation, we can imagine what greater merits will result. Therefore I write this in order that practitioners can find and walk on the righteous path of meditation. My hope is that by this writing many students can be helped in their practice of seated meditation.


About the Author : 

Venerable Chwasan (Yi, Kwangchŏng, b. 1936) was the fourth Head Dharma Master who succeeded Venerable Daesan’s Dharma seat.  

With the slogan of “Outward, toward the Future, to Society, and to the World!” he emphasized on education, establishing organizational structure and firm financial basis of the system.    

Especially, he made great efforts to expand and refine the translation work of the scriptures.  

His leadership led to the birth of the Won Buddhist radio station(www.wbsi.kr) and the official military edification in Korea as well as the foundation of Won Dharma Center in the US.  

In the 9th year of his service as the fourth Head Dharma Master, he retired and is living now as a Head Dharma Master Emeritus.

He has written many books and also his books have been translated into English: “The principle and training of the Mind”, “The essential dharmas of daily practice”, “What is Won Buddhism?”, “We live as we believe”, etc.


Contents :


Commentary on the Method of Seated Meditation

The method of seated meditation is so extremely simple and easy

1. After spreading out the sitting mat

2. Casually bring down all the body's strength

3. Keep your breathing smooth

4. It is essential to keep the eyes open

5. Keep the mouth always closed

6. The spirit constantly should be ever-alert

7. Novices at seated meditation may suffer

8. When first beginning seated meditation

9. During seated meditation, you absolutely must not seek bizarre states

If you continue practicing in the above manner

Preparation For Seated Meditation

Stages of Seated Meditation

Reciting the Buddha's Name and Seated Meditation

Seated Meditation, Mindfulness and One Mind

Types of Mindfulness

Concluding Words

Stages of Dedication to the Practice of Seated

Stages of Concentration during Seated Meditation