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Chants of Samadhi for Daily Practice Rev. WonGong


Audio CD / Run Time 61:29

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Rev. WonGong


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This is a collection of chants from the Won Buddhist tradition intended to brighten the light of your spirit and to guide you to be centered.

Album Notes :

Chanting meditation helps to focus the mind by reciting a simple phrase or sutra. Because the mind of a beginning meditator is not settled, chanting meditation is a very efficient method to calm the mind. We chant in both Korean and English.

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Rev. WonGong So

Rev. Won Gong So was ordained in 1994 as a Won-Buddhist Priest. She completed her novice and undergraduate training and her graduate/internship experience in Korea, majoring in Won-Buddhist religious studies. After serving in the Gang-Nam Temple in Seoul for three years, she moved to the US in 1997, where she was assigned to the Rockville Temple in Maryland. Rev. WonGong completed her Master’s degree in Social Work at the University of Maryland in 2002 and has worked as a therapist for children and families.Her visionary spirit led her to pioneering work with western practitioners, building the Won-Buddhism Temple in Chapel Hill, NC, where she is currently head priest. Through Temple programs such as group meditation, pastoral counseling, and short- and long- term retreats, Rev. WonGong is able to bring cultural and spiritual enrichment to the wider community. In addition, the Temple offers exchange programs for Korean youth and dharma camps for children.Rev. WonGong enjoys sharing the blessings of dharma practice with others and frequently gives lectures on Won-Buddhism and meditation workshops at Duke, UNC, and other educational institutions including elementary schools

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1. Four Bows – 2:20

2. To Meet Again – 3:49

3. Essential Dharmas of Daily Practice – 3:04

4. Morning Prayer Song – 1:59

5. Sung Joo (Sacred Chant) – 3:37

6. Chongjong Joo (Purification Chant) – 2:12

7. Yong Joo (Prayer Chant) – 3:26

8. Prayer for World Peace & Prayer Song – 3:48

9. Il-Won-Sang Vow (Korean) – 6:53

10. Il-Won-Sang Vow (English) – 6:56

11. Heart Sutra (Korean) – 5:31

12. Heart Sutra (English) [feat. Lara Olson] – 4:14

13. Namu-Ahmee-Tahbul – 2:42

14. The Truth of Il-Won-Sang – 3:14

15. We Are One; We Are Whole (feat. Drew Pilant) – 7:44


Won Symbol