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Herding The OX of Our Mind


Author: Venerable Kyongsan / English Edition / Pages: 182 / Paperback

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Venerable Kyongsan


Paperback Binding, 182 Pages


Seoul Selection


February, 2017






6.0 (W) * 8.3 (H) * 0.8 (D), inches

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Ten Stages of Taming the Ox of the Mind

Living as sentient beings implies the state in which the conscience is ailing the black ox. When the black ox commits transgression, the conscience constantly burdens it with accusations. If one then  encounters the buddhadharma, the conscience inside the human mind is awakened to establish the practicing mind.

In the Verses to the Ten Oxherding Pictures, it is presented as the herdsboy. The herdsboy gradually gains power and eventually eliminates the inner desires, disciplining them to turn them into the white ox. After the transformation into the white ox is complete, the sign of taking pride in oneself for that accomplishment is gone.

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Venerable Kyongsan (Jang, Eungcheol, b.1940) was the fifth Head Dharma Master of Won Buddhism. He entered the Won Buddhist faith at the age of twenty and graduated from the Department of Won Buddhist Studies at Wonkwang University in 1968. He served as President of the Youngsan College of Zen Studies, Executive Director of Administration for Won Buddhism, and Director of the Jung-ang Retreat Center before being inaugurated as the fifth Head Dharma Master in 2006.

Venerable Kyongsan continued with his efforts to realize the ideals of his predecessor, Venerable Daesan, the Third Head Dharma Master, whose Three Proposals for World Peace are the development of moral discipline for cultivating the mind, the opening up a common market, and the establishment of United Religions.

Venerable Kyongsan’s particular devotion was the realization of world peace through inter-religious cooperation, uniting people of all religious faiths to work toward the establishment of a worldwide organization of United Religions.

In the 12th year of his service as the fifth Head Dharma Master, he retired and became Head Dharma Master Emeritus. Venerable Kyongsan has written many books, including “The World of Lao-tzu,” “Taming the Ox: Our Mind,” “Hill of Freedom: Commentary on The Heart Sutra,” “The Functioning of a Buddha’s Mind: The Diamond Sutra in Everyday Life,” and “The Moon of the Mind Rises in Empty Space.”

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Upon Commencing the Lecture – 7

Chapter One   Still Unherded – 15

Chapter Two   Taming Begun – 29

Chapter Three   Accepting Discipline – 45

Chapter Four   Turning Its Head – 61

Chapter Five   Docile and Submissive – 81

Chapter Six   Free from Constraints – 103

Chapter Seven   Perfectly Natural – 119

Chapter Eight   Paying No Heed to One Other – 137

Chapter Nine   Alone in the Light – 153

Chapter Ten   Both Vanished – 169

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