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Love, Life, Light


Author: Park, Chung Soo / Pages: 274 / Paperback

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Rev. Park, Chung Soo (Translated by Park, Yun Soo)


274 pages










5.5 (W) * 8.2 (H) * 0.7 (D), inches

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“In this book, I have narrated the personal experiences I have had as they actually occurred while carrying out my various missions. Building a school, sending six containers of winter clothes, and currently building a hospital for the residents of Ladakh, the remotest back region of the globe. Minesweeping, building an orphan

age, sponsoring a teachers’ training program, and providing scholarships for Buddhist monks in Cambodia. Sending medical supplies to twelve African countries.

Collecting a total of eighteen containers of clothes and sending them to the

Himalayas, Cambodia , Sri Lanka, Mongolia, North Korea etc., countries where people had short supplies of essential commodities , was comparable to a small

miracle created by the warm hearted people from every walk of life in our society.” – Park, Chung Soo

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In 1956, after graduating from high School, Reverend Park, Chung Soo had taken

vows to become a Won Buddhist reverend . She received her bachelor ’s

degree in Won Buddhism from Wonkwang University and her master ’ s

degree in Buddhist Philosophy from Dongguk University. She is a member

of won Buddhist Supreme Council, the highest decision-making organ of the order, and the head reverend at Kangnam Temple.

She is the author of Like People Who had Been Waiting and People I Have Met Through My Heart and a columnist for a daily newspaper. She has been honored with numerous awards including a Modern Literature Award for Essays, a Korean Red Cross Golden Award for Philanthropy, and the New Korean Of the Year Presidential Award 1996.





PART ONE    Cambodia: Land of Killing Fields

A Letter from England

The Excitement of Going to Switzerland

Round Table Conference for Peace in Cambodia

A Phone Call from an Unfamiliar Cambodian

Going to Cambodia: Land of Killing Fields

Dinner with the Leaders of Various Political Factions

Opening Day Ceremony for the “Home for the Street Children”

A Bewildering Sermon at Wat Sampeou Meas

The Promise

The Wind Blowing Beyond the Space Time

The Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Living with the Refugees

The Land Mine Embedded In My Heart

Sending Clothes to Cambodia


PART TWO     The Heavens ’ Town of Ladakh

The Boys of Ladakh: The Kindling Wood of My Life

Ladakh: The Remotest Back Region on Earth

The Place of Leaning Provided in Ladakh

The Bombay Incident

A Small Miracle in the Barren Desert

Sending Winter Clothes to Ladakh

We Send Our Warm Hearts to Ladakh

The ”Festival of Sharing” in Ladakh

My Impression of Tingmosgam

An Invitation from the Buddhist Association of Ladakh

Plans to Build Guest Rooms for Permanent Scholarships

My Fourth Trip to the Himalayas on a Toy Train

Unceasing Requests from Venerable Sanghasena

Karuna Hospital: The Heavy Burden Impossible to Lift

Venerable Sanghasena Who Makes Ladakh Ultramundane


PART THREE     Africa : The Black Continent

Going to Africa: The Black Continent

My First Impression of Africa

The Korean Schweitzer in Ethiopia

A Visit to an African Natives’ Village

Africa: The Never Ending Challenge for the Global Community

Kenya: The Animal Kingdom

Presenting Medical Supplies to the Kenyata National Hospital

The Woman Doctor from Korea in Kenya

The Slums of the Natives: A Giant Dormant Volcano

The Masai Mara National Park

Korea Within Africa

Swaziland: A Small Polygamous Country

South Africa: Home of Apartheid

Black Homeland: The Residential Area for Black South Africans

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