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The Additional Discourses of Founding Master Sot’aesan ( Kor. Eng.)


Author: Venerable Sotaesan / English & Korean Edition / Pages: 433 / Hardcover

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Venerable Sotaesan


433 pages


Won Kwang Publishing






English / Korean


Nov. 2009


5.3 (W) * 7.3 (H) * 0.8 (D), inches

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The Additional Discourses of Founding Master Sot’aesan is the collection of the works of Venerable Sot’aesan, the founder of Won Buddhism. The Won Buddhist Newsletter published the majority of these as articles in consecutive issues from January 1978 (63 W.B.Y.) to November 1979 (64 W.B.Y.). This series began three months after the publication of The Scripture of Won Buddhism, which Chonghwasa completed after 20 years of work, and which included The Discourses of Founding Master Sot’aesan. Responses to the newsletter from various circles both within and outside of Won Buddhism were overwhelmingly positive. The demand for a published book has been strong, which was a great motivational factor for me. This book is a compilation of those articles along with two other supplements, which unfortunately were late in coming.

The first supplement, entitled “The Trials of the Order,” was arranged and printed by the Won Buddhist Newsletter based on the lecture “History of the Trials of the Order under Japanese Rule.” I presided over this undertaking during a training session for Won Buddhist ministers in the fall of 1980 (65 W.B.Y.). The second supplement, “The Lyrics of Sot’aesan,” is printed in its original form, which was compiled and published by the Department of Edification a few years ago.

The editing of Memoirs of Muksan and Jonghwadaegang, together with materials to be collected in the future, will be left as a task for future generations.

From Pongnae Mountain on September 26th,1982(67W.B.Y.)   Lee Kongjeon

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Venerable Sotaesan, the Founding Master of Won Buddhism

Park, Joongbin (1891~1943), better known as Sotaesan, was born the son of peasants on May 5, 1891 in Korea. His spiritual journey started with questions about natural phenomenon and human relationships. His determination to find answers to these questions eventually led to his great awakening on April 28, 1916.

At the age of 26 on April 28, 1916, he attained enlightenment after twenty years of seeking the truth and declared: “All things are of a single body and nature; all dharmas are of a single root source. In this regard, the Way (Tao) that is free from arising nor ceasing and the principle of the retribution and response of cause and effect, being mutually grounded on each other, have formed a clear and rounded framework

He offered visions and hopes for a future society of popularized Buddhist practice and living, and he made efforts for practical application, popularization, and modernization of Buddha Dharma under the founding motto: “As material civilization develops, cultivate spiritual civilization accordingly.”

As the spiritual leader of Won Buddhism for 28 years, including the dark period of World War II, he built a strong spiritual and material foundation of Won Buddhism from the three main undertakings of the order: edification, education, and charity.

He lived as an enlightened sage and completed the basic doctrine of Il Won Sang, the Dharmakaya Buddha, the Fourfold Grace, and The Threefold Study.

On June 1, 1943, he entered into Nirvana at the age of 53 after he transmitted the verse of Truth to his disciples: “Being into nonbeing and nonbeing into being, Turning and turning— in the ultimate, Being and nonbeing are both void, yet this void is also complete.”

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A Portrait of Great Master Sot’aesan

Handwriting by Great Master Sot’aesan



Chapter 1. His Stateliness and High Virtue

Chapter 2. Requests Made for Posterity

Chapter 3. Ascetic Practices on the Path of Truth

Chapter 4. Mysterious Occurrences at the Initial Stage

Chapter 5. Meetings between the Great Master and His Disciples

Chapter 6. The Karmic Principle of Cause and Effect

Chapter 7. Opportunity and Occasion for Edification

Chapter 8. Single-Minded Devotion

Chapter 9. House of Spiritual Treasures

Chapter 10. Opening the Way of Morality

Chapter 11. Working for the Salvation of All Beings and Healing the World

Chapter 12. Sworn-Family and Dharma-Family

Chapter 13. To Work as the Buddha and the Enlightened Great Masters Did

Chapter 14. The New Buddha

Chapter 15. The Cause and Effect of Life and Death

Chapter 16. Questions and Answers

Chapter 17. Lesson Given at the Zen Center

Chapter 18. From Beginning to End

Chapter 19. Essential Dharma Words

Chapter 20. Return to the Origin

Chapter 21. Trials of the Order

Chapter 22. Final Discourses

Completion of The Additional Discourses of Founding Master Sot’aesan

Lyrics by Venerable Sot’aesan



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