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The Dharma Discourses of Cardinal Master Chŏngsan (Chŏngsan Chongsa Pŏbŏ) _ First Edition(2016)


Author: Venerable Chŏngsan / English Edition / Pages: 394 / Hardcover

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Venerable Chŏngsan

*Translated by the Committee for the Authorized Translations of Won Buddhist Scriptures


English Edition


Hardcover Binding, 394 Pages


Department of International Affairs of Won Buddhist Headquarters

*Printed by Wonkwang Publishing


April, 2016 (First Edition)




5.2 (W) * 7.3 (H) * 0.7 (D), inches

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The Dharma Discourses of Cardinal Master Chŏngsan(Chŏngsan chongsa pŏbŏcollects the teach- ings of Sot’aesan’s successor, Chŏngsan, the second prime dharma master of the Won-Buddhist order. The Discoursesare broadly divided into two parts: the Canon of Secular Life, in ten chapters, and the Dharma Discourses proper, in fifteen chapters.

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Venerable Chŏngsan (Song, Kyu, 1900~1962) was the second Head Dharma Master of Won Buddhism and the first successor of the Founding Master Sotaesan. He was viewed as the Dharma mother with great compassion in the Won Buddhist order. He contributed greatly to drafting the first doctrine.

He suggested the four visions and tried to realize them: the preparation of teaching material, the establishment of organizations, the cooperation of the state administration and religion, understanding the essentials and nourishing the root.

He often said, “Be a master of the new world through utilizing mind practice actively in everyday life.” He proclaimed and taught, “the Ethics of Triple Identity(Samdongyulli)” which means that the world is one family who are living under the one truth.  

The Dharma Words of Master Chŏngsan was published in 1972 (Won Buddhist era 57) as one of the Scriptures and read frequently by Won Buddhist along with The Scriptures of The Founding Master.

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Part One: The Canon of Secular Life

Chapter One: Prolegomenon – 1

Chapter Two: Education – 2

Chapter Three: The Family – 7

Chapter Four: Religious Faith – 11

Chapter Five: Society – 13

Chapter Six: The Nation – 17

Chapter Seven: The World – 20

Chapter Eight: Repose – 21

Chapter Nine: Nirvāṇa – 24

Chapter Ten: General Conclusion – 28

Part Two: Dharma Discourses

Chapter One: His Affinities with the Founding Master – 33

Chapter Two: The Way of Propriety – 45

Chapter Three: On Korea’s National Prospects – 64

Chapter Four: Vision and Plans – 86

Chapter Five: Foundational Principles – 113

Chapter Six: Exposition of Scriptures – 143

Chapter Seven: Exhortations to Practiceof the Way – 184

Chapter Eight: Responses to Occasions – 212

Chapter Nine: Attending to the Fundamentals – 235

Chapter Ten: Being Assiduous and Sincere – 266

Chapter Eleven: Dharma Admonitions – 280

Chapter Twelve: The Way of Public-Spiritedness – 295

Chapter Thirteen: The Fortune of the Way –  328

Chapter Fourteen: Birth and Death – 350

Chapter Fifteen: Entrustments – 370

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