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The Principal Book of Won Buddhism (-In Korean & English 원불교 정전)


Korean & English Edition / Pages: 462 / Hardcover

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Venerable Sotaesan


Hardcover Binding, 462 Pages


Won Kwang Publishing






Korean / English




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The Principal Book of Won Buddhism :

The Principal Book of Won Buddhism is the Won Buddhist Canon. It is the primary scripture written by Founding Master Sotaesan. Within its pages the fundamental Won Buddhist teaching is elucidated in a simple and easy fashion.

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Park, Joongbin (1891~1943), better known as Sotaesan, was born the son of peasants on May 5, 1891 in Korea. His spiritual journey started with questions about natural phenomenon and human relationships. His determination to find answers to these questions eventually led to his great awakening on April 28, 1916.

At the age of 26 on April 28, 1916, he attained enlightenment after twenty years of seeking the truth and declared: “All things are of a single body and nature; all dharmas are of a single root source. In this regard, the Way (Tao) that is free from arising nor ceasing and the principle of the retribution and response of cause and effect, being mutually grounded on each other, have formed a clear and rounded framework

He offered visions and hopes for a future society of popularized Buddhist practice and living, and he made efforts for practical application, popularization, and modernization of Buddha Dharma under the founding motto: “As material civilization develops, cultivate spiritual civilization accordingly.”

As the spiritual leader of Won Buddhism for 28 years, including the dark period of World War II, he built a strong spiritual and material foundation of Won Buddhism from the three main undertakings of the order: edification, education, and charity.

He lived as an enlightened sage and completed the basic doctrine of Il Won Sang, the Dharmakaya Buddha, the Fourfold Grace, and The Threefold Study.

On June 1, 1943, he entered into Nirvana at the age of 53 after he transmitted the verse of Truth to his disciples: “Being into nonbeing and nonbeing into being, Turning and turning— in the ultimate, Being and nonbeing are both void, yet this void is also complete.”

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제 1 총서편 (總序編)      Part One:General Introduction

제1장 개교 (開敎) 의 동기 (動機)     Chapter One:  The Founding Motive of the Teaching

제2장 교법 (敎法) 의 총설 (總說)     Chapter Two:  An Outline of the Teaching


제 2 교의편 (敎義編)     Part Two: Doctrine

제1장 일원상 (一圓相)      Chapter One:  The Il-Won-Sang

제2장 사 은 (四恩)     ChapterTwo: The Four fold Grace

제3장 사 요 (四要)     Chapter Three:  The Four Essentials

제4장 삼 학 (三學)     Chapter Four:  The Three fold Study

제5장 팔 조 (八條)     Chapter Five:  The Eight Articles

제6장 인생의 요도와 공부의 요도 (人生-要道 工夫-要道)     Chapter Six:   The Essential Ways of Human Life and of Practice

제7장 사대강령 (四大綱領)     Chapter Seven:  The Four Great Principles


제 3 수행편 (修行編)     Part Three:  Practice

제1장 일상수행의 요법 (日常修行-要法)     Chapter One:  The Essentia lDharmas of Daily Practice

제2장 정기 훈련과 상시 훈련 (定期訓練-常時訓練)     Chapter Two:  Fixed-Term Training and Daily Training

제3장 염불법 (念佛法)     Chapter  Three:  The Dharma of Reciting the Buddha’s Name

제4장 좌선법 (坐禪法)     Chapter Four:  The Dharma of Seated Meditation

제5장 의두 요목 (疑頭要目)     Chapter Five:  Essential Cases for Questioning

제6장 일기법 (日記法)     Chapter Six:  The Dharma of Keeping a Diary

제7장 무시선법 (無時禪法)    Chapter Seven:  The Dharma of Timeless Sŏn

제8장 참회문 (懺悔文)     Chapter Eight:  The Instructionon Repentance

제9장 심고와 기도 (心告-祈禱)     Chapter Nine:  Mental Affirmation (Simgo) and Formal Prayer(Kido)

제10장 불공하는 법 (佛供-法)     Chapter Ten: The Dharma of Making Buddha Offerings

제11장 계문 (戒文)     Chapter Eleven: The Precepts

제12장 솔성요론 (率性要論)     Chapter Twelve:  The Essential Discourse on Commanding the Nature

제13장 최초법어(最初法語)     Chapter Thirteen:  The First Dharma Words

제14장 고락에 대한 법문 (苦樂)     Chapter Fourteen:  The Dharma Instructionon Suffering and Happiness

제15장 병든 사회와 그 치료법     Chapter Fifteen:  AnIllSocietyandItsTreatment

제16장 영육 쌍전 법 (靈肉雙全法)     Chapter Sixteen:  The Dharma of the Wholeness of Both Spirit and Flesh

제17장 법위등급(法位等級)     Chapter Seventeen:  Stages of Dharma Rank



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