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The Scriptures of Won Buddhism (Audio Book – MP3 Cds)


Audio Book (MP3 CD) / English Edition / Run Time: 15 hours 4 minutes

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Young Do Choi (Assist by Lon Fredric Palitz)


Audio CD (MP3)


Won Buddhist Temple of Philadelphia 


3 CDs / 15 hours 4 minutes






The Scriptures of Won Buddhism, 2006(1st Edition)

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The CDs include Canon of Won Buddhism and Scripture of the Founding Master Sotaesan. They are created in 3 pieces of Audio MP3 CD.

The Scriptures of Won Buddhism Essential Scripture  Comprises Two Parts:

Part One, “The Principal Book of Won-Buddhism”, was written by the Founding Master Sotaesan

Part Two, “The Scripture of the Founding Master”, Sotaesan’s teachings and lessons throughout his life, was written by his disciples after his passing (547 verses in 15 chapters)

This audio project, making the scriptures available in voice recording audio format, achieves multiple beneficial accomplishments:

1. Reflects the visions of Founding Master Sotaesan so that many people can utilize it to enrich their everyday lives.

2. Helps practitioners fulfill their commitment to knowing the meaning of truth, life and their true purpose; provides access to dharma wisdom for spiritual growth.

3. Provides to many people a more effortless and continual way to learn the scriptures: practitioners may now incorporate listening to dharma anytime during the day, in their daily practice, while either in motion or at rest.

4. Improves foreign language comprehension and speaking ability of non-native speakers by listening to native English speakers.

* These audio recordings were humbly created by the Philadelphia members of Won Buddhist Temple with their deep compassion and dedication.

Includes – Preface to the new English edition,

– 10 chants and prayer of The Won Buddhist Philadelphia Temple Chanting Book

– 2 music selections 

‡ Composed by Joel Ostroff

* CD Contents recorded by Won Buddhist Members of Phildelphia Temple

* Special Thanks to everyone who made this production possible 

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Venerable Sotaesan, the Founding Master of Won Buddhism

Park, Joongbin (1891~1943), better known as Sotaesan, was born the son of peasants on May 5, 1891 in Korea. His spiritual journey started with questions about natural phenomenon and human relationships. His determination to find answers to these questions eventually led to his great awakening  on April 28, 1916.

 At the age of 26 on April 28, 1916, he attained enlightenment after twenty years of seeking the truth and declared: “All things are of a single body and nature; all dharmas are of a single root source. In this regard, the Way (Tao) that is free from arising nor ceasing and the principle of the retribution and response of cause and effect, being mutually grounded on each other, have formed a clear and rounded framework.”

He offered visions and hopes for a future society of popularized Buddhist practice and living, and he made efforts for practical application, popularization, and modernization of Buddha Dharma under the founding motto: “As material civilization develops, cultivate spiritual civilization accordingly.”

As the spiritual leader of Won Buddhism for 28 years, including the dark period of World War II, he built a strong spiritual and material foundation of Won Buddhism from the three main undertakings of the order: edification, education, and charity.

He lived as an enlightened sage and completed the basic doctrine of Il Won Sang, the Dharmakaya Buddha, the Fourfold Grace, and The Threefold Study.

On June 1, 1943, he entered into Nirvana at the age of 53 after he transmitted the verse of Truth to his disciples: “Being into nonbeing and nonbeing into being, Turning and turning— in the ultimate, Being and nonbeing are both void, yet this void is also complete.”

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Homepage to The Scriptures of Won Buddhism : 

The official multilingual webpage for the Scriptures of Won Buddhism. This webpage provides the officially approved versions or best translated versions of the six main scriptures of Won Buddhism in eleven languages.

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CD 1   [Run Time  174:52]

Prayer [3:05] : Bonnie Ostroff

Song _ Come to the Temole Within [5:00] Composed by Joel Ostroff

Preface to the new English edition [8:25] : Lisa Kendall

Song _ May I follow you [4:05] Composed by Joel Ostroff

The Il-Won-Sang Vow, The Heart Sutra

The Essential Dharmas of Daily Practice [7:45] : Dietra Shorter

Chants (Yeum Bul, Young Ju, Sung Ju, Chong Jung Ju,

Cham Whey Kay) [7:03] : Dina Kirschner

Song _ Come to the Temole Within [5:00] Composed byJoel Ostroff

The Scriptures of Won-Buddhism

. The Principal Book of Won-Buddhism

Part 1 : General Introduction [6:14] : Lisa Kendall

Chapter 1: The Founding Motive of the Teaching

Chapter 2: An Outline of the Teaching

Part 2 : Doctrine [54:45] : Lisa Kendall

Chapter 1: The Il-Won-Sang

Chapter 2: The Fourfold Grace

Chapter 3: The Four Essentials

Chapter 4: The Threefold Study

Chapter 5: The Eight Articles

Chapter 6: The Essential Ways of Human Life and of Practice

Chapter 7: The Four Great Principles 

Part 3 : Practice [73:30]

Chapter 1: The Essential Dharmas of Daily Practice : Dathane Turner

Chapter 2: Fixed-TermTraining and Daily Training

Chapter 3: The Dharma of Reciting the Buddha’s Name

Chapter 4: The Dharma of Seated Meditation

Chapter 5: Essential Cases for Questioning

Chapter 6: The Dharma of Keepinga Diary

Chapter 7: The Dharma of Timeless Sŏn

Chapter 8: The Instruction on Repentance

Chapter 9: Mental Affirmation(Simgo) and Formal Prayer(Kido)

Chapter 10: The Dharma of Making Buddha Offerings : Donna Moule

Chapter 11: The Precepts

Chapter 12: TheEssential Discourse on Commanding the Nature

Chapter 13: The First Dharma Words

Chapter 14: The Dharma Instructionon Suffering and Happiness

Chapter 15: An Ill Society and Its Treatment

Chapter 16: The Dharma of the Wholeness of Both Spirit and Flesh

Chapter 17: Stages of Dharma Rank

CD 2   [Run Time  415:17]

. The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter 1: Prefatory [34:26] : Donna Moule

Chapter 2: Doctrine [69:41] : Elizabeth Holt

Chapter 3: Practice [105:08] : Maureen Mergen

Chapter 4: The Way of Humanity [84:56] : Ruthann Fitzpatrick

Chapter 5: Cause and Effect [34:20] :Lon Fredric Palitz

Chapter 6: Doubts Clarified [61:50] : Christopher Borko,

Elizabeth Holt, Lon Fredric Palitz

Chapter 7: The Principle of the Nature [24:56] :Marty Wolfson

CD 3   [Run Time  311:16]

Chapter 8: Buddhahood [31:36] : Lisa Nicholson

Chapter 9: Sending on Spirits in Transition [51:02] : Marty Wolfson

Chapter 10: Belief and Dedication [19:41] : Stephen Roat

Chapter 11: Maxims [20:14] : Lucas Brown

Chapter 12: Exemplary Acts [50:27] : Katharine Foley

Chapter 13: On the Order [69:46] : Stuart Adams

Chapter 14: Prospects [47:27] : Michael Carney

Chapter 15: Entrusting [21:03] : Lon Fredric Palitz

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