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Thunderous Silence: A Formula for Ending Suffering: A Practical Guide


Author: Dosung Yoo / English Edition / Pages: 272 / Paperback

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Dosung Yoo


Paperback Binding, 272 Pages


Wisdom Publications








January 8, 2013


6.0 (W) * 9.0 (H) * 0.7 (D), inches

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Thunderous Silence throws light on the Heart Sutraa pithy encapsulation of the essence of Perfection of Wisdom literatureusing stop-by-step analysis and an easy, conversational voice. Dosung Yoo examines the sutra phrase by phrase, using rich explanations and metaphors drawn from Korean folklore, quantum physics, Charles Dickens, and everything in between to clarify subtle concepts for the reader. This book invites us to examine the fundamentals of Buddhismthe Four Noble Truths, emptiness, enlightenmentthrough the prism of the Heart Sutra. Both those new to Buddhism and longtime practitioners looking to revisit a core text from a fresh perspective will find this work appealing.

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Dosung Yoo was ordained in the Won Buddhist Order in Korea in 1994. Since then, he has led retreats and taught meditation, as well as Buddhism and Won Buddhist Dharma in Seoul, Korea, and in the U.S. He was a minister at the Won Buddhist Temple of Philadelphia and has taught at the Won Institute of Graduate Studies near Philadelphia, as well as at other Won Centers throughout North America. He is also a leading Korean-to-English translator of Dharma teachings and has helped to translate several Won Buddhist texts.

In his teaching, Rev. Yoo strives to modernize Buddhist teachings so that people in contemporary society can use the Buddhadharma to enrich their lives.

Currently, Rev. Yoo is the Retreat Director and resident teacher at the Won Dharma Center in Claverack, NY. At the Center, he works to create a spiritual community where people can find inner light and peace, which are the cornerstones of a better and more enlightened world.

He is also the author of Thunderous Silence: A Formula for Ending Suffering. This book is a practical and contemporary commentary on The Heart Sutra. To be published January 2013, by Wisdom Publications.

Currently, Rev. Yoo is the Retreat Director, and a resident teacher at the Won Dharma Center in Claverack, NY, where he is building a spiritual community that supports people from all walks of life in finding inner light and peace, the cornerstones of a better and more enlightened world. More information on the center can be found at

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