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We Live as We Believe : The Principle of Belief and its Awesome Power


Author: Venerable Chwasan / English Edition / Pages: 144 / Paperback

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Prime Dharma Master Emeritus Chwasan


144 pages


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5.1 (W) * 7.1 (H) * 0.3 (D), inches

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Belief. Its great value and deep gravity is impossible to measure. It is the driving force in human behavior. It is the fundamental principle behind psychological phenomena. Indeed, people act according to belief. First one leans toward belief leads. Next, one goes toward where belief leads. Finally, results that are produced come from where belief leads.

Yet we fail to regard the serious nature of belief. And so the world of belief is engulfed in darkness and chaos, and the physical world becomes a tumultuous ocean surrounding a land of unhappiness.

I publish this book, “The Principle of Belief and its Awesome Power” from a wholehearted desire to ignite a small ember in the Buddhist service for the purification of the belief world.

This work began as a means of sacred service to commemorate the centenary of Won-Buddhism, with a mind of gratitude for the grace of all Buddhas, Sages and Teachers in the three worlds, and with deep gratitude for the earnest support of all lay and ordained fellows who protect the Dharma. And so at last it is published.

My wish is that this work will be helpful and set correct guidelines for the faith life of all.

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Venerable Chwasan (Yi, Kwangchŏng, b. 1936) was the fourth Head Dharma Master who succeeded Venerable Daesan’s Dharma seat.

With the slogan of “Outward, toward the Future, to Society, and to the World!” he emphasized on education, establishing organizational structure and firm financial basis of the system.

Especially, he made great efforts to expand and refine the translation work of the scriptures.

His leadership led to the birth of the Won Buddhist radio station( and the official military edification in Korea as well as the foundation of Won Dharma Center in the US.

In the 9th year of his service as the fourth Head Dharma Master, he retired and is living now as a Head Dharma Master Emeritus.

He has written many books and also his books have been translated into English: “The principle and training of the Mind”, “The essential dharmas of daily practice”, “What is Won Buddhism?”, “We live as we believe”, etc.

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We Live as We Believe

The Diagnosis of the Belief World

The situation caused by wrong belief

Relative belief and absolute belief

Absolute belief 「faith」

The two belief orders: believer and practitioner

What we can believe or what we cannot believe

Two belief diseases: unbelief and blind belief

Orientation of a Sound Belief World

Wisdom of belief selection

Belief is the spring of wisdom and the base of positive thinking

Purification of belief world

The master who governs the belief

Three elements that can form either belief or unbelief

The Belief Doctrine of Won-Buddhism

The belief spirit of Won-Buddhism

The characteristics of belief sprit in Won-Buddhism

The substance of belief life of Won-Buddhism

Three spiritual capacities of the belief life and its instruction expedient

For belief and dedication

The condition of 「belief」 to be a dharma vessel of buddhas and enlightened masters

Appendix: Reflection of Belief

The condition of practice of 「belief」 for the teacher

The way of belief: 9 articles

Belief maturity degree: 6 steps

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