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What is Won-Buddhism?


Author: Won Buddhism / English Edition / Pages: 156 / Paperback

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Won Buddhism (Dept. of International Affairs of Won-Buddhist Administration)


Paperback Binding, 156 Pages


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The Pride We Take in the Won-Buddhist Practice :

1. It clearly shows us the model of practice.

2. It enables us to be trained in both substance and function.

3. It enables us to practice cultivating the spirit (absorption; samādhi), inquiry into human affairs and universal principles (wisdom; prajñā), and choice in right action (precepts; śīla) simultaneously.

4. It enables us to practice whether we are in action or at rest.

5. It makes practice helpful to daily life and daily life helpful to practice.

6. By having us precisely diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of our own character, it enables us to be clearly aware of our own level in the stages of practice.

7. By guiding us to keep a diary of the state of things in our practice, it enables us to check and examine ourselves in an airtight manner.

8. It enables us to bear fruit in our practice, regardless of time and place.

9. It enables us to attain the state of all-power freedom in practice, which can be put to practical use in all aspects of our daily lives as well.

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Part 1. Won-Buddhism

1. What is Won-Buddhism ?

2. The Object of Our Faith Is

3. The Appellation for the Object of Our Faith

4. Meaning of “○”

5. The Three Levels of Faith

6. The Four Things Our Order Takes Pride in

7. Faith in Il-Won-Sang, the Dharmakaya Buddha, the Fourfold Grace

8. The Pride We Take in the Won-Buddhist Faith

9. The Pride We Take in the Won-Buddhist Practice

10. What Won-Buddhism is ①

11. What Won-Buddhism is ②

12. The Characteristics of Won-Buddhism

13. Truth-Based Faith, Fact-Based Training

14. When You Join the Won-Buddhist Order

15. Traditional Religions and Won-Buddhism

16. Buddhism and Won-Buddhism

17. Christianity and Won-Buddhism

18. Won-Buddhism and Ethnic Religion

19. The Sanctity of Great Master Sotaesan

20. The Great Il-Won’s Great Path

Part 2. The Outline of Won-Buddhist Doctrine

1. Preface

2. Introduction to Won-Buddhism

3. The Formation of the Doctrine

4. The Symbol of Won-Buddhism

5. The Two Major Chains of the Doctrine

6. The Gateway of Faith, the Essential Ways of Human Life

7. The Gateway of Practice, the Essential Ways of Practice

8. The Four Great Principles

9. The Outline of Practice

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