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While Grandpa Naps


Author: Naomi Danis / Illustrator: Junghwa Park / English Edition / Pages: 32 / Hardcover

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Naomi Danis


Junghwa Park


Hardcover Binding, 32 Pages




April 16, 2019






8.2 (W) * 11.2 (H) * 0.4 (D), inches

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A moving, funny, elegant meditation on love, childhood, and one’s place in a family.

Gilbert spends a sunny summer afternoon obediently keeping watch over his napping grandpa to shoo the pesky flies away. Unsure of exactly how long he’s really supposed to sit there, watching for non-existent bugs, he passes time contemplating his ever-changing family: His grandma Sarah recently died, a new baby is on the way, his siblings and cousins race in and out. While the temptations to abandon his post beckon, Gilbert’s loyalty to his grandpa stays true, and his quiet dedication finds a sweet reward.

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Naomi Danis is the managing editor of Lilith magazine, independent, Jewish & frankly feminist. Her fifth book for young readers, WHILE GRANDPA’S NAP, is inspired by a true family story. She finds hope in small acts of kindness, especially by children, that often go unnoticed in our busy world. Like her previous I HATE EVERYONE, only quieter, GRANDPA’S NAP explores the sometimes surprising experience of love. She lives in Forest Hills, New York.


More about the author : Biography

My fifth picture book, WHILE GRANDPA NAPS, illustrated by Junghwa Park, is inspired by a family story. As an author, I find hope in small acts of kindness, especially by children, that often go unnoticed in our busy world.

Like I HATE EVERYONE, only quieter, GRANDPA’S NAP also explores the sometimes surprising experience of love.

I’ve been delighted by the number of enthusiastic people who’ve said more or less these words about I HATE EVERYONE (illustrated by Cinta Arribas): “Hey, somebody wrote a book about me!”

I consider myself lucky to have a day job as managing editor of Lilith magazine—independent, Jewish & frankly feminist, where I’ve worked since 1988.

Long ago I earned a BA and MA in English at Stony Brook, and then an MSEd at Bank Street College. I was an early childhood teacher in Israel for a few years in the 1970s, and continue to visit often.

I am an absolute beginner at ballet, a rhubarb and raspberry urban farmer, and a grandmother to five grandchildren whom I love to smithereens.


Junghwa Park is a happy and whimsical illustrator based in Jersey City, New Jersey. With the dream of becoming an artist, she immigrated to America when she was seventeen. She graduated from BFA Illustration School of Visual Arts in 2014. Her illustration is inspired by her home in South Korea, with its nature, family farms, crafts, and organic way of life. She has illustrated for various clients, including Pottery Barn, The Washington Post, and The Boston Globe. Her life’s mission is to share her happiness with the world, which she loves doing through her art and boundless craft skills.

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