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Won Buddhism in the Americas (미주 원불교) _ Issue 02 / Print Newsletter


Newsletter (Issue 02, Quarterly) / English Edition / Pages: 24 / Paperback

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Won Dharma Center

Editing Team: Jisoo Kim, Eunchul Yang, Youngdo Choi, Joel Ostroff


The Sotaesan Center(Won Media), Eunhye Lee


24 pages




Spring, 2019 (Issue 02)


8.5 (W) * 11 (H) * 0.1 (D), inches

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Publication of ‘Won Buddhism in the Americas’ – A Quarterly Newsletter

The first newsletter for North and South America is being published under the name “Won Buddhism in the Americas”. The 2017 Won Buddhist ministers’ joint summer retreat identified the need to publish a newsletter in the Americas, and since then, the Promotion Committee for Won Buddhist Edification in the Americas has overseen this project.  And now, our first issue has been published. Won Buddhism in the Americas will be issued quarterly in both Korean and English, and will cover news of temples and institutions in North American and South America. Many Kyomus (Won Buddhist ministers) and Kyodos (Won Buddhist lay members) will participate in its production.  We hope this newsletter will serve as a center for facilitating communication for those practicing Won Buddhism in the Americas, and to unite their minds, empowering them with shared wisdom. (Editing Team _ Winter, 2018)

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3  Dharma Words by Venerable Sotaesan / Chapter 11: Maxims 2, The Scripture of the Founding Master

4  Publisher’s Column / Anticipating our Teachers’ Sincere Aspiration | Hyochul Kim

5  Events · Ceremonies / A Special Retreat for Lay LeadersEunchul Yang

6/7/8  Featured Article / What will be the future of Won Buddhism in America?|Editing Team

9  Dharma Words / Ven. Jeonsan, the Head Dharma Master

    Drawing / Eun-Kwang Jeong

10  Mind Study _ Dharma Talk / How to live a new day today | Sungha Lee

11  Issues on DharmaSome Thoughts on Translating the term ‘Gyonggye’Rev. Bokin Kim

12  Faith · PracticeMy faith and practice| DoHwan Park

13  Faith · PracticeApplied Buddhism (Won Dharma Center as a Source of Inspiration for One’s Practice) | Michael Richardson

14/15  Meditation / Posture, Breath, Mind | Daesung Song

16/17  Temple · People /  An Interview, Boston Temple|Hyunoh Kim

18  Il-Won-Sang Enshrinement Ceremony / New Jersey, Boston Temple

19  Reflection / My Watering Can | Joel Ostroff

20/21/22/23  News · Announcements

24  Won Buddhist Temples and Organizations in the Americas


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