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About Us

Welcome! Thank you for visiting “www.wonmediabook.com”.

Our company, Won Media, has been in business since 2014. ( Won Media was added as D.B.A. to the Sotaesan Center. The Sotaesan Center, Inc. has been established in 2013. The Sotaesan Center is a non-profit organization. The center opens to the public who are interested in cultivating spirituality and humanity. The Center offers meditation, mind practice, and Won- Buddhism studies and welcomes anyone, whether you are a serious practitioner or a simply curious visitor.)

We are proud to offer high quality products and service while meeting our customers’ every need and desire.

Our products and services include the following:

- Books, eBooks, Audio, and DVDs focused on Meditation and Won Buddhism

- Meditation, Yoga, and Won Buddhism related gift items

- Health, Greeting Cards, Glass Arts, Crafts, and other related gift items.

The hours for our business are from 2:00pm~5:00pm(Monday), 10:00am~5:00pm(Tuesday~Friday)(Central Time), and we are closed on Saturday and Sunday, Also holidays.

We are located at 17 Galloping Rd. Round Rock, TX 78681.

Please feel free to contact us at wonmediabook@gmail.com or 512-382-9660 or stop on by.

We look forward to hearing from you and creating a loyal relationship with you.